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Friday, December 26, 2014


Hope you had a lovely Christmas day with your friends/family 
and hope you have a blast in the coming New Year!

So previously I shared the video from AlvinAdeline & Co that we played before our 1st march-in, but for obvious reasons (I'm so laaaaaaazy) and i didn't want an ugly vidoe montage that i would probably cook up with my nonexistent video editing skills. So I did research for some photo slideshow video editors online prior to the wedding for wedding photo montages etc.

I found this website that has these totally adorable and funny template that's super easy to use for wedding photos montage and childhood montages, if you're looking to DIY your montages and you don't want to fret about all the video "transition and filters" bullshit, 
you might wanna check out YouVivid (

It's not free but it's not that pricey either! And you literally just pop in your photos, choose your song and you're pretty much good to go. FYI, this is not an ad. Just simple a website i came across and thought it was pretty useful for brides/grooms-to-be who want a good looking video without the hassle! (:

We personally did a montage of all our pre-wedding photos via Animoto (, because we like the "cleaner" feel of the templates, we paid for one month subscription of US$39 since we wanted the videos to be in HD, there's the basic free account but your video length has to be like 30 seconds and it's web quality or something haha

We wanted to play this video throughout the wedding banquet so people who didn't get to see the photo albums can simply see the video and I wanted to share it with you guys too! (:

The montage includes the bridal ones taken in Singapore by AlvinAdeline & Co
casual engagement session taken in Singapore by EggBenedictChan 
and lastly the bridal ones taken by GaryChiu in Taichung.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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Unknown said...

hi, your montage is really nice.
can i know what music is that? did you purchase the basic personal package?